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Conservative PJ Media: Hillary Clinton wouldn’t know Sharia Law if it was cheating on her with multiple women

July 15, 2014 by admin in politics

Stay classy folks. 

    PJ Media’s “token black guy” named Zo is at it again with a particularly outlandish remark on Michelle Obama taking selfies at urinals after Joan Rivers called her a “tranny”. If this wasn’t disrespectful enough, he continues a tirade on into true foaming-at-the-mouth insanity:

…..”oh, and speaking of Hobby Lobby, Hillary Clinton tries to compare the decision to Sharia Law. Hillary Clinton wouldn’t know Sharia law if it was cheating on her right in front of her with multiple women right there in front of her face. but then again, maybe should would know and is just plain ignorant to the ramifications of it like she ignored the updates leading up to Benghazi…..  or she does understand the significance of the Hobby Lobby decision and what it means to religious freedom thus, she has to do what she can to destroy Christian Freedom.

      Ok, so it’s “freedom” when a corporation that someone works for can decided whether or not your private health decisions are covered in your insurance but “anti-Christian bigotry” when those same employees simply ask that all healthcare services be provided by their health insurance plans….to be fair, I generally would like my dental coverage to take care of teeth cleanings and my car insurance to handle accidents but I digress. 

      Just to clarify, Hobby Lobby’s decision IS similar to Sharia Law in that religious faith is now codified into law via corporate legal power. Car companies and real estate agents in Saudi Arabia will not sell their products and services directly to a woman, without a man present to offer his “consent”. So now we have a private company not offering their “consent” for their female employees to have common contraception. 

     Zo ends the video with, “And what else did I say that was stupid”?   Well, you can start by pressing re-play.