***Currently the three websites offered are unavailable until 3/25/15. Much of the content will not be available but has not been erased as the sites shift over to new operating platforms and designs. Thank you for your patience.***

Welcome to my homepage, I’m a C-lister writer who occasionally posts opinions to a few progressive blogs about politics, green energy, and veganism. I’m also the editor of the popular Spanish language blog Revista Soluciones Naturales, which primarily offers content about natural health and well being to the Spanish speaking demographic. ¬†Feel free to enjoy, comment on, or otherwise peruse through the sites if environmentalism and the vegan lifestyle interests you.

I love to guest post or contribute to larger blogs if your readership is interested in progressive cultural topics, natural health, or environmentalism.
Feel free to contact me directly at Christian@Revistasolucionesnaturals.com