Ken Cuccinelli

Lizz Winstead on why Ken Cuccinelli lost Virginia

November 7, 2013 by admin in politics

Comedienne and frequent MSNBC guest Lizz Winstead addressed the elephant in the room as to why far-right social conservative Ken Cuccinelli lost the Virginia gubernatorial election: He doesn’t enjoy sex. Like the titanic before us, I believe we really need to look far beyond the tip of this iceburg. 

Though Terry McCaulife may have heavily focused on Women’s abortion rights (a strategy that ended up being fairly successful), I’ve said again and again that the margins of this election would have been far, far, greater in difference if someone, anyone, would simply focus their attention in a public way on many of Ken Cuccinelli’s jaw-dropping statements:

 -Not just on gay marriage, but gay people
 -Not just on opposing abortion but opposing any sex outside of Christian man-woman heterosexual marriages
- Not just on  being ‘pro-business’ on opposing EPA regulations but on denying climate change itself
- Not just on ‘adhering to traditional values’ but on wanting to ‘cover up’ the left breast on the Seal of Virginia
- Etc. Etc. Etc. 

Appearing on MSNBC’s The Ed Show Wednesday evening, Winstead exclaimed “I think that women like sex. And I think that when you run a guy who doesn’t seem to enjoy sex, he’s not going to win with women,”