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VIDEO: Can the female brain understand computers? Fox News investigates.

November 18, 2013 by admin in Uncategorized

Fox News host Stuart Varney addressed the lack of female upper-level executives in the technology industry by suggesting that there was “something about the female brain” that prevented corporations from hiring them.

“Should tech companies feel obligated to put women on the board or to make women top executives just to be politically correct,” Varney asked the Tea Party News Network’s Scottie Hughes on Monday.

 “No business should ever be obligated to bring on a woman,” Hughes insisted. “They should want to, but you’re not seeing this in Silicon Valley for some reason.”

“But why is that?” Varney wondered. “It’s a very difficult question to ask because it’s politically incorrect. Is there something about the female brain that is a deterrent for getting on board with tech? Is there?”

“I think that’s the exact opposite, I think females all the time are embracing technology,” Hughes replied. “I think the ironic thing is Silicon Valley is very liberal. And the majority of liberals are blasting Republicans for wanting to put Barbie in the binder, when in reality, Republicans are saying, live your dream.”

Fox Business Network contributor Charles Payne speculated that women weren’t being hired because “young girls are dissuaded from math and those kind of majors… that’s sort of the root cause.”

Hughes, however, argued that have been true “20 years ago, but we live in a whole different era.”

“Unfortunately, families cannot survive with just the man working and the woman staying home barefoot and pregnant,” she lamented.