Bryan Fischer

VIDEO: Christian conservative leader: “why ban trans fats instead of homosexuality”

November 9, 2013 by admin in recipes

Sometimes it’s easist to just sit back and let them speak for themselves. No rebuttals, just observing.

Bryan Fisher, the notorious Christian conservative activist who’s linked gay people to Nazi’s and called for a biblically-based government system similar to Iran today railed against the FDA’s ban on trans fats in foods, saying the government agency should keep the unhealthy processed fat in foods and instead ban homosexuality. 

Now trans fats are highly researched and studies show them to be the worst fat for the human heart, blood vessels, and rest of the body. They’re made by taking hydrogenated oils (Dr. Oz is already fainting) and then pumping them full of hydrogen ions. After this savory mixture of chemical shit storm is put into products, it oftentimes simply known as “partially hydrogenated vegetable oil” and “vegetable shortening” and it’s contributing, not solving, the nation’s terrible obesity problem. 

Says Fisher:

Even though [trans fats] makes your frosting taste better, your doughnuts taste better, makes your crackers taste better, and improves their texture, [the FDA] believe its bad for you. Bad for your heart. That’s their conviction, the FDA. So we’ve got to ban it because it is bad for human health. Well if we were going to take that same reasoning, we would ban homosexuality. It is a hazard to human health.”

As I said earlier, just noting.